The Blended Solution Model


The Future Melting Pot has developed an innovative and imaginative engagement process that blends the public, private, third and community sectors to arrive at lasting solutions across society, with a particular focus on young people. The Blended Solution Model produces social impact tailored to local environments and specific social needs.

By commissioning an engagement process using this model, or by participating in one commissioned by a local authority or other agency, businesses can harness untapped potential and better understand the communities and markets in which they operate. Click here to view our Blended Solution Model

  • Campaigns and the Community

    At every stage, a campaign is strengthened by community engagement, from design to delivery, the involvement of local people improves outcomes. However achieving that engagement often requires a concerted, strategic

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    In today’s commercial environment, or is a core element of many business models. This is because leaders recognise the importance of social value, contributing to the communities in which we

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  • Engaging Young People

    TFMP is an innovative and holistic service, empowering service users to achieve their potential through enterprise and equality of opportunity. We deliver all these benefits through an engagement model. Young

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  • Programmes for Young People

    No one needs to be told that young people are the future of our families, our communities, and our businesses. What we find does need to be emphasised, however, is

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  • Research and Consultancy

    Experts are essential to any project, particularly when first identifying challenges and scoping for solutions. Our research and consultancy services provide you with the expertise, networks and experience necessary to

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  • Social Enterprise Development

    An organisation that brings together young people, entrepreneurs, agencies, businesses and more to create tomorrow’s best mix of energy, education and talent. Think of us like the link in the chain between

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  • Community TV Station

    Community TV is a way for local people to talk to each other, learn new things about their area, and work together to improve each other’s lives. We’ve started a

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  • Creating a Social Impact

    Nottingham is a big and important city. It has areas with problems, though, and in two of them – Saint Ann’s and Basford – young people with real talent and

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