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Exam Results: A Fair Playing Field?

It is now over a week since the release of this year’s GCSE results, and over two weeks since the country’s A Level students received their own grades earlier this month. These two Thursdays in...[Read More]

The Government’s £100m Homelessness Plan: A Step in the Right Direction?

On the 13th August, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government James Brokenshire unveiled his department’s Rough Sleeping Strategy, reiterating the government’s commitment to halve rough sleeping by 2022 and to end...[Read More]

Local Charity Believes Homelessness ‘Worst it Has Ever Been in Birmingham’

In March of this year (2018), the Birmingham Mail published an interview with Tracey Patterson of Birmingham’s Homeless Support Team (BHST). Tracey observed that 2018 has been ‘the worse year yet’ in terms of rough...[Read More]

Regression Analysis of RTC's, Youth Unemployment, and Culture.

We were lucky to work with Aston MSc student Elena (Keyin) Chen. She designed and produced a Regression Analysis on Road Traffic Collisions in the Hodge Hill Constituency based off of data from the Police and Local...[Read More]

Literature Review on Youth Homelessness and Unemployment

This April, we were lucky to host two MSc from Aston University. During this time they produced two reports for The Future Melting pot regarding different projects we are undertaking. The first of which was a...[Read More]

Homelessness Reduction Act

Today marks the beginning of the new responsibilities placed on councils through the Homelessness Reduction Act. This act will make Local Authorities legally duty-bound to provide everyone who is already or at risk of being...[Read More]

Disability History Month: Youth Unemployment and Disability

In Disability History Month, issues surrounding disabled young people and barriers to employment need to be publicised. It is no great secret that young disabled people are less likely to be employed than non-disabled people....[Read More]

Andy Street: "Happiness" and "Inclusion"

  On Tuesday 21st November, The Future Melting Pot (TFMP) attended a talk by the Mayor of West Midland Combined Authority Andy Street at St Pauls Club in Birmingham. In addition to being an invaluable networking opportunity this event...[Read More]

The Youth of the Blitz Spirit

The youth of today are characterised as work-shy and unmotivated for true work. We vote the least, work the least and yet we are the most highly educated and literally possess the ideas of tomorrow....[Read More]