The Future Melting Pot values the importance of multi-agency working between the public, private and third sectors to achieve collaborative change in the community. 

In the video below, Estella and Des Prichard from the Cross Sector Leadership Exchange and former Chief Fire Officer of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, discuss some of the benefits and challenges of multi-agency working.


AC1216.199 TFMP Des Pritchard Interview from West Midlands Fire Service on Vimeo.

  • Partners

    We are proud to partner with a range of agencies and other organisations. Meaningful relationships are key to long-term social change, and our partnerships are based on mutual recognition, support

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  • Campaigns and the Community

    At every stage, a campaign is strengthened by community engagement, from design to delivery, the involvement of local people improves outcomes. However achieving that engagement often requires a concerted, strategic

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  • Community TV Station

    Community TV is a way for local people to talk to each other, learn new things about their area, and work together to improve each other’s lives. We’ve started a

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  • Blended Solution Model

    The Future Melting Pot has developed an innovative and imaginative engagement process that blends the public, private, third and community sectors to arrive at lasting solutions across society, with a

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