About Us

employmentWe know it’s tough out there but we are here to help. Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Do you want a bit of work experience to try out a career and improve your CV? Maybe you’ve got a dream about how you could make your neighbourhood a better place to live?

At The Future Melting Pot, we have lots of ideas about how to help. The world of work is hard- we get it. Many of us have had exactly the same issues. You can get over them – trust us, it’s possible.

We have a range of opportunities to help young people to gain employment, start their own business or social enterprise, or access training and other services. If you need help getting a job, applying for apprenticeships and training or starting your own business, then just visit our services page.

We also offer various opportunities right here at TFMP for young people from a whole range of backgrounds. We can help with volunteering, work placements and internships for university students and graduates, too. If you’re looking for work experience or a volunteering opportunity we’d love you to get involved at TFMP.

  • Projects

    Find out more about our work and the projects we have designed and delivered with young people at The Future Melting Pot.

  • Case Studies

    At The Future Melting Pot, we are proud that our volunteers have such an impact on the work we do. We are also proud that we have such a great

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  • Volunteer Interviews

    Volunteers are a vital part of The Future Melting Pot. Whether they are students looking to gain experience to complement their degrees, graduates looking for work experience or people looking

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