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EmployAbility: The Story So Far…

04.02.16 TFMP Logo and Mission Statement LewisI

The Future Melting Pot’s vision is simple; we dream of an economy that is sustained by developed young people!

We aim to build brighter futures for young people through education, training and employment, providing opportunities for young people to access the skills they need to get the job that they want.

The Future Melting Pot are currently providing the access to training and employment opportunities to 16-24 year old jobless young people from the Eastside of Birmingham, through our EmployAbility project.



Action Research

Here at The Future Melting Pot, we’re all about evidence-based solutions. That’s the reason we wanted to speak directly to the young people of Eastside Birmingham to learn about the barriers that they are facing in getting into employment.

We spoke to 58 young people from our target area about their perceived struggles in finding work, which included disaffection, disenfranchisement and low motivation to find work. These were key barriers that we needed to overcome when planning the EmployAbility program, in order to build trust and rapport with young people.

But we didn’t just stop there! We have also conducted interviews with local employers to understand from their point of view the barriers that they face in employing this group of young people. This included unemployed young people’s attitude and motivation to work, alongside attendance issues. This has helped us to better understand the skills that employers desire when employing a young person.

This work will feed into our research report that will help to influence youth employment policy, not only in Birmingham, but across the UK!

(Keep your eyes peeled for our interim report due to be released on our website soon!)

Intensive Support

The intensive support stage of the program began in January, and since then has evolved with group workshops and 1:1 mentor support providing the basis of the program. The program is made up of core themes that are entwined in everything that we do. These are: self-discovery, working with others, looking to the future, and commitment and attitude to work.

We currently have 15 young people from the Eastside of Birmingham engaged in the project, who are all supported in an individually tailored way. The practical support we provide includes CV, interview and application form filling, as well as pastoral wraparound support. When you combine this with our fantastic relationship with local employers from across all three sectors, then you know that we’re on to a winner!

These relationships with employers allow us to set up taster day and work experience placements so that young people can experience the work environment first hand and find out if it’s right for them. Once a commitment and motivation for work has been ignited, we can then follow through with apprenticeship and full-time work opportunities, all the while supported by our dedicated team of mentors.

Our Success Stories

Azeena joined the program as a 20-year old woman who had spent little time away from the family unit. After attending a couple of EmployAbility workshops and being assigned to a mentor, she took part in a 3-week work experience placement with Contact Electrical Wholesale Ltd., working in the administration department dealing with invoice payments. This short experience has dramatically increased Azeena’s confidence, with the employer commenting that she was very capable, and ideally suited to an office administration role. She is now in the process of upskilling her English and Maths ability, so that she can enrol onto a business administration apprenticeship in the near future.

In addition, Hameef joined the program and expressed a strong interest in making an impact within his local community. Due to his personal experience of the West Midlands Ring and Ride Service, support was given to Hameef to apply for a Transport Escort position within the organisation, where his role will be to assist disabled and elderly people to get around the city. He has recently completed his training and will be on the buses soon!

If you’re a young person interested in receiving employment support that could help you gain skills, confidence and your dream job then please get in touch! Equally, if you’re an employer who would like to pledge an employment opportunity from your organisation which could help to change a young person’s life, and act as a future catalyst for growth in your business then contact us at, or call 0121 380 7063!

Future updates to follow!