Monthly Archives: March 2018

Collaboration Workshop with West Midlands Fire Service

On Friday afternoon, The Future Melting Pot met with the West Midlands Fire Service’s Road Traffic Collision prevention team to discuss the continued integration for the two organisations. Collaboration and connection building was the key to the meeting, where each member of the teams was honest, direct, and thoughtful with their approach to how the two groups could better work together.

In the changing political, economic and social climate it is becoming increasingly important that we embrace new ways of working which utilise innovation and cross sector skill sets. We are therefore delighted with the meeting which began with an interactive task which taught the participants that only by working together and effective communication could the full picture be observed. This became a metaphor for the workshop as during the meeting we realised that the goals of the fire service and those of The Future Melting Pot were almost identical, we want to make the West Midlands a safer, stronger, and healthier. Despite existing in different economic sectors both organisations strive to improve the communities we work in.

In the cauldron of creativity and collaboration the groups started to discuss how they could work jointly on a project. The prevention team aligns with The Future Melting Pot’s pilot research into the cultural causes of Road Traffic Collisions. This overlapping interest area became root for numerous discussions on how it could be utilised and built on to influence strategies. The combination of the prevention teams experience with TFMP’s research created clear areas where we can introduce academic methods to produce practical gains. The fusion between the practical and the academic offers an exciting development of how public and third sector practices can evolve and improve. The growing partnership is extremely encouraging as it is opening a world of possibilities that we can’t wait to begin working on. Overall, the most impressive part of the meeting was observing all the two organisations can accomplish within a few short hours, no doubt a forerunner to the success of the future.