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Meeting with WMFS Station Commanders on RTC Issue

On 24 January 2019 The Future Melting Pot were delighted to be able to arrange a meeting with several station commanders from WMFS including David Bromley of Ward End Fire Station, Jon Grimshaw of Sheldon Fire Station, Adrian Whitehouse of Hay Mills Fire Station, Dave Hodgkins of Perry Barr Fire Station and Andrew Shakespeare of Highate Fire Station

At the meeting, all the station commanders present agreed that RTCs
(Road Traffic Collisions) were a growing issue in their area that needed to be tackled. With the increasing congestion in the city centre this is an issue that will only become more relevant across 2019 as HS2 and other infrastructure projects accelerate. However away from the city centre and the high profile traffic problems, RTCs remain a real problem in other areas of Birmingham, remaining the leading cause of death among young people aged 16-25 worldwide. With Birmingham renowned as the youngest city in Europe, RTCs must be taken seriously as a real threat to the health and wellbeing of our city’s young people.

Enthusiasm was expressed among the station commanders for the idea for a joined-up preventative campaign across stations, albeit one that was tailored and targeted to each local area. It was agreed that working within communities in key areas, in locations such as colleges and local community groups, would be the best way forward, with The Future Melting Pot ideally placed to act as a bridge between all stakeholders and young people in these communities.

It was a very productive meeting, generating a hopeful feeling that 2019 can be the year in which we can build on the good work done in the past by The Future Melting Pot and West Midlands Fire Service on this vitally important issue. We will post updates on our RTC Prevention work here this year as they come in, and please continue to look out on our social media platforms for more information on our activities.