Monthly Archives: April 2019

Homeless Rooms Birmingham Launch Event

Question and answer session including Alan Fraser, Lee Blake, Mark Peters, Geoff Horsfield, and Tom Ross

The Future Melting Pot believes in utilising evidence-based approaches to tackle complex social issues. Homelessness is one of the social issues that we are interested in and we have partnered up with Homeless Rooms Birmingham in recent months.

Homeless Rooms Birmingham was launched on 17th April at the South & City College campus in Digbeth. Homeless Rooms Birmingham consists of a platform which aims to connect homeless room seekers with social landlords. It was launched alongside the Geoff Horsfield Foundation, a foundation launched by Geoff Horsfield, a former footballer.

The event begun with a networking session where attendees mingled with one another. It then continued with a panel consisting of the founders of Homeless Rooms Birmingham, Mark Peters and Lee Blake, Alan Fraser, CEO of YMCA Birmingham, and Geoff Horsfield, founder of The Geoff Horsfield Foundation.

The team at The Future Melting Pot has worked tirelessly to make the launch event a success. We have published a social impact report about the Homeless Rooms Birmingham platform as well as set up a fundraising page.