About Us

The Future Melting Pot acts as a bridge between young people, the public sector, businesses, charities and other organisations. We aim to provide a voice for marginalised communities and disengaged young people, and help make positive connections. We help communities and institutions to talk to each other, and seek out opportunities to collaborate.

Our focus is on engaging with young people in marginalised communities. There are all sorts of reasons why young people need help: the current economy makes things tough, but so do other barriers like race, class and educational background, but none of those are real reasons to miss out reaching their potential – and we have found effective ways to help them.

Businesses and government need help too. They can easily miss out or pass over talent and opportunities which sit outside their usual networks. They might lack the community connections, local knowledge or skills to effectively engage with hard-to-reach communities. The Future Melting Pot can be the link in the chain between young people and success, businesses and social responsibility, government agencies and social impact.

We have a vision of a society, inclusive of all young people, that reflects our values of hope, unity and belief in a brighter, safer future. Our mission is to use evidence-based solutions to achieve this future for young people from marginalised communities.

  • Our Culture

    TFMP strives to build a strong, cohesive and productive society. To do this we are working to reach the most marginalised in society and those at risk of being left

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  • The Team

    Estella Edwards Chief Executive Estella is the founder of The Future Melting Pot and has been the Chief executive since its creation. Adding social value has been at the heart

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