Our Culture

TFMP strives to build a strong, cohesive and productive society. To do this we are working to reach the most marginalised in society and those at risk of being left behind. Our work takes us into hardest-to-reach communities, where we are rebuilding trust and re-engaging the disenfranchised.

Due to the complexity the problems in these communities, we recognise that the third sector cannot take on this challenge alone. To achieve change, we are committed to building partnerships with public and private sector organisations. Each sector has different strengths and resources to help combat poverty of opportunity and improve lives.

Research is central to our activities. We conduct a range of research methods to make sense of complex social challenges. Our research activities inform the way we carry out interventions. Evidence-based approaches are vital to success, and we achieve this by taking the time to understand the challenges we are facing.

Hope, unity and belief

TFMP places young people and communities at the heart of everything we do. With a clear vision for a better society, the following values shape our work:

  • Instilling hope in young people’s futures, by raising aspirations, unlocking potential and helping individuals discover their true value to society;
  • Building unity within society, by bringing together people from all walks of life, forging trust among communities, business, public services and government;
  • Developing belief among young people, by encouraging individuals and communities to believe in themselves, believe in the authorities and believe in wider society. 


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