Elena Chen’s experience of TFMP


What do you study?

I’m studying MSc Business Economics & Finance in Aston University

Why did you choose The Future Melting Pot?

I became very impressed by the breadth of The Future Melting Pot’s service and expertise, which focus on building brighter futures for young people through engagement and employment. I’m also very interested in the project they’re conducting which is to explore the relationships between Road Traffic Collisions, Accidental Dwelling Fire and Youth Unemployment.

How have you found your time here?

The one month internship experience in The Future Melting Pot is definitely rewarding. The project that I conducted offers me the chance to exercise the quantitative skills I learned in university curriculums. More importantly, as an international student, I had the opportunity to get to know how the British working environment looks like and how to behave in the workplace. The internship is really prepared me for future career.

What has been your best/worst moment?

The worst moment probably is when I was dealing with the road traffic collisions data, and I have to input them into the statistical software. I encountered a few data coding problems and I have to constantly contact my lecturers for advice.

The best moment is the sense of achievement when I run the regression successfully in the STATA.

What have you learnt during your placement?

I learnt how to analysis the data by using STATA and how to better collect data in improving the predictions for the model as a whole.

What are your plans for the future?

Working on my dissertation and acquiring my master qualification in September 2018.  I target myself in accounting industry after graduation and I’ll prepared to pass all levels of the ACA qualification being a qualified charter accountant.

If you had any advice to future volunteers what would it be?

Use the internship experience to prepare for a future career. Be passionate about what you’re doing and always ask questions

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