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Homelessness Reduction Act

Today marks the beginning of the new responsibilities placed on councils through the Homelessness Reduction Act. This act will make Local Authorities legally duty-bound to provide everyone who is already or at risk of being...[Read More]

Disability History Month: Youth Unemployment and Disability

In Disability History Month, issues surrounding disabled young people and barriers to employment need to be publicised. It is no great secret that young disabled people are less likely to be employed than non-disabled people....[Read More]

Andy Street: "Happiness" and "Inclusion"

  On Tuesday 21st November, The Future Melting Pot (TFMP) attended a talk by the Mayor of West Midland Combined Authority Andy Street at St Pauls Club in Birmingham. In addition to being an invaluable networking opportunity this event...[Read More]

The Youth of the Blitz Spirit

The youth of today are characterised as work-shy and unmotivated for true work. We vote the least, work the least and yet we are the most highly educated and literally possess the ideas of tomorrow....[Read More]

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