#HaltHeartache in Hall Green School

In January 2018 #HaltHeartache partnered up with the Hall Green School to host a series of assemblies. Tragically, the school has lost 4 of its pupils in road collisions, it is very enthusiastic to work with us on developing effective and innovative methods to prevent any further road traffic accidents in the future.

Our Research has shown that youngsters who reside in east Birmingham are at a greater risk of being involved in road traffic collisions. After identifying numerous cultural reasons behind this we decided to take action to reduce collisions involving young people in the West Midlands.

#HaltHeartache saw 960 students over several assembly days where they were introduced to #HaltHeartache. In the future, a series of fundraising events will be taking place such as a non-uniform day in order to rise funds and awareness for the campaign. Additionally, pupils will be taking part in interactive workshops and a creative competition.

Once all the funds are raised #HaltHeartache will begin conducting research to find the most effective methods to prevent road traffic accidents among 16-24-year-olds. So far £1000 has been raised by Hall Green School, who we want thank for their its support.

We are also collaborating with members of student council to produce preventative videos for the #HaltHeartache campaign. We can’t wait to share the final products as we are already impressed by their quality and effectiveness.

We are looking forward to seeing how the partnership grows in the future.

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