Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Future Melting Pot to everyone who’s reading this. Have you ever felt like even though you’re looking for love, love keeps running away from you? Well, this story which I am about to share, it´s completely the opposite of that and a real story of love.

Emmy Abrahamson, a Swedish writer went on a business trip to Amsterdam, Holland in 2006 and while she was seating on a bench, waiting for a friend, Vic Kocula, a homeless man sat down next to her and after that asked her simple question ‘What time it is?’

Kocula, who’s originally from America, became homeless as a result of a European backpacking trip gone wrong. As Vic said, ‘I’d run out of money earlier than I expected to, but I hadn’t done everything that I wanted to do during the trip, so I just said well, I’ll do it without any money.’

Nevertheless, he just realised days later he had become a homeless and an alcoholic.

She found it cheesy because there was a clock in front of them. However, not knowing how it began, they started chatting and he made her laugh. Emmy felt a ‘click’ from him despite realising instantly that he was homeless. Before she left, Vic Kocula turned around to tell her, ‘Saturday, 3 o’clock, same bench’.

The fact was that five days later she was there on time and he turn up 20 minutes late riding a child’s bike. They spent that day together, but then it came the moment that she had to go back to Vienna, Austria, where she was living at the time. Despite the fact he didn’t have a mobile phone, she gave him her number with hope that they’d meet again.

Three weeks later, she turned 30 and her phone rang, was him informing her that he was there, so they spent that day together. They’ve been together ever since.

This story shows that we don´t choose who we love, love doesn’t discriminate and proves that anyone can have a story with a happy ending. At The Future Melting Pot, we think this is a perfect message for Valentine’s Day.

For more information click here for the original article on which this piece is based.

By Gonçalo Grilo

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