According to statistics from Shelter, 15,538 people in Birmingham are homeless, meaning 1 in 73 people on average. Furthermore, a count taken in 2018 saw 91 people sleeping rough in the streets of Birmingham in a single night. 

Sleeping rough can take a huge toll on a homeless individual. It can have a disastrous impact on mental and physical health and increases the likelihood of developing substance misuse issues. Furthermore, it is a dangerous experience. Those who sleep on the streets are 17 times more likely to have been a victim of violence and 1 in 4 female rough sleepers have been sexually assaulted whilst sleeping rough.

With so many complex needs, it is imperative that rough sleepers receive a great deal of support. In Birmingham, the will to help enable those sleeping rough to achieve better is there, but the problem is not going away and is getting worse. 

For over two years now homelessness has become The Future Melting Pot’s primary area of focus. We decided that due to our unique position to act as a catalyst to collaboration, we are ideally placed to bring together many of our partners involved in the Birmingham homelessness sector. This includes faith groups, volunteer groups, national charities, NGOs, and statutory bodies such as Birmingham City Council and the West Midlands Mayoral Office. 

Already we have produced a piece of research on youth homelessness, produced a social impact report for Homeless Rooms Birmingham and hosted the Look Deeper, Think Beyond, Step Forward conference. 

Our report based on the findings of the conference is essential reading outlining the issues faced by the Birmingham homelessness sector, and some of the things we can do to alleviate them. 

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