Our Youth Homelessness Work and Other Projects

As we move into November (with winter well and truly upon us this week), it seems like an ideal time to produce an update on the projects The Future Melting Pot have been working on over the past couple of months, and to look forward to what we can hope to announce in the lead-up to the New Year.

Our work around Youth Homelessness continues, as our team has begun engaging with young people and key workers in the homelessness sector. Through our partners, which include charities – such as Excell3 and St Basils – and statutory organisations such as the Birmingham SEMH Pathfinder, we can access the key testimonies of those who have experienced youth homelessness and the efforts to prevent it. 

We have already visited the King Solomon School’s Parents’ Conference and the Black History Month Cultural Market, to discuss our project with those affected by these issues. Alongside the Pathfinder, we are reaching out to school pastoral leads and young people to hear their stories. We expect to speak to many more people as the research gathers pace, particularly through our work with the SEMH Pathfinder, who we are also working with on an evaluation project looking at the service they provide.

Throughout Birmingham, homelessness is a major priority, whether that is for Andy Street’s West Midlands Combined Authority and its Homelessness Task Force, or Birmingham City Council and Councillor Sharon Thompson’s work on rough sleeping. We at TFMP are committed to continuing to support this agenda as we look to work towards eradicating all types of homelessness from Birmingham for good.

We will also be continuing to support West Midlands Fire Service this Winter, both with their Winter Campaign on Road Safety and in other areas, at all times working together to achieve our shared strategic goals of making the West Midlands a safer, and healthier place for young people. More information about new projects in this area, and our wider progress, will be posted soon.

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