Corporate Social Responsibility

In today’s commercial environment, CSR is a core element of many business models. This is because leaders recognise the importance of social value. Contributing to the communities in which we engage in economic activity offers real benefits to business on a number of levels. The long-term perspective encouraged by CSR provides significant opportunities both for businesses, individuals and wider society.

It can, however, be difficult to unlock the right means of fulfilling CSR. Businesses need to know that their efforts are properly targeted, but also be to predict and measure their impacts. The Future Melting Pot has developed a number of strategies to identify, implement and assess projects which can offer businesses real value.

We can provide the right channels and the right support to businesses looking to fulfil their CSR in a meaningful way. We can arrange guest speaker opportunities, sponsorship, work experience and placements. We also offer in- kind services and fundraising activities. Primarily, we consult with commercial partners to understand their CSR requirements and suggest the right means of achieving measurable success.

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