Campaigns and the Community

campaigns-communityAt every stage, a campaign is strengthened by community engagement, from design to delivery, the involvement of local people improves outcomes. However achieving that engagement often requires a concerted, strategic campaign of its own.

This complex and challenging balance can seem almost impossible. But at The Future Melting Pot we have many years of experience in achieving it. Our towns and cities are only as strong as the least engaged of our communities, and that’s why it’s so important to get engagement right.

Our staff and facilitators have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to bridge divides and built trust. Key to community engagement is creating a space in which disenfranchised communities can think creatively about their own problems and be encouraged to believe that their input and opinions are valuable.

In Nottingham, for instance, we were asked by the City Council to investigate the prospects for young people living in two inner city wards. We aimed to find the social impact that this generation could make to the social and economic structure of the areas in which they live. TFMP was engaged to provide a regeneration solution through our tried and tested mapping, evaluation and investment framework alongside senior partners and stakeholders. The report we produced, and relationships we helped create, will now be used to power a feasibility study aimed at drawing down investment for a sustainable solution.

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