Community TV Station

Future_melting_pot_tv_imageCommunity TV is a way for local people to talk to each other, learn new things about their area, and work together to improve each other’s lives. We’ve started a channel in East Birmingham, co-operating with the local NHS hospitals, charities and universities to make sure it gets off the ground well.

Local people will be part of running the station – and especially young people! The focus will be on helping people stay healthy, safe and happy in their local communities. The idea is to promote good relations amongst local people.

Community TV is a really exciting, positive scheme to have in your local area. The NHS are involved because healthy people can do more to improve their communities. And the police, fire service and local council will get involved, too – along with businesses, local people and others.

The station will broadcast programmes made by and for local people. By encouraging everyone to come together, we want to create better understanding and communication across the community – but also improve young people’s CVs and job prospects.

If you want to be part of a Community TV project, drop us a line – we’re looking for as many people to get involved as possible!

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