The Next Steps Programme

The aim of this project is to give young people aged 15-25 broad-ranging skills to set up businesses. In addition, the programme develops necessary, sustainable life skills, in order to improve their long term outcomes in relation to employment opportunities and emotional well being. The programme is delivered over a 13 week period.

The project works with young people to understand business and the world of work and how this relates to their interests and ambitions. Featuring guest speakers and visits to other organisations, Next Steps promotes employability and self-employment in order to create an understanding of how to start a business or social enterprise.

Through a mixture of group work and one-to-one sessions, we support young people to take the next steps into employment, enterprise, education or training. Support around literacy and numeracy is also provided where required.

One thought on “The Next Steps Programme

  1. Louise connor


    I was wondering if it is possible to have more information on the next steps programme. I work with pupils aged 10-16 with autism and looking at your website I think some of the resources could be useful for our pupils.

    Thank you
    Louise Connor


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