jenniWhen I graduated in 2009, the country was in recession and the effect that had on the job market, coupled with my own lack of experience and confidence, meant that I found it hard to find employment.

After a few months of fruitless searching, I signed up with Changemakers and applied to be a volunteer at The Future Melting Pot. I liked the idea of getting involved with a young organisation that was trying to do something good, as it meant I’d be able to put the skills I’d learned on my politics degree to good use while gaining vital work experience that would make me more employable.

During my time at TFMP, I worked on a whole range of projects: from writing the website to helping out on projects and writing funding application forms, everything I did helped me gain new skills and introduced me to new experiences. It was watching the success of TFMP’s Youth Rehearsal Programme that first made me consider becoming self-employed; months after I started volunteering, the job market was still tough, but I had developed useful skills that I could use to my advantage.

As a result, I set myself up as a freelance writer – something I would never have had the confidence to do without TFMP. Now I’m self-employed and working full time. I still freelance for TFMP, mainly working on communications issues.

I’m sure that even without TFMP, I’d have sorted myself out eventually, but it was the support and opportunities that I received from the organisation that helped me to ultimately get the job I really wanted. The whole experience was great from start to finish, and I’m unbelievably grateful for the chance that TFMP gave me.

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