nathanNathan Shillingford is TFMP’s Company Secretary. He joined the organisation in 2009 and now has many and varied responsibilities. He works on the Board, preparing the agenda, documenting the minutes and taking care of all the policy and procedures. He also works on Accounts, dealing with TFMP’s financial transactions as well as getting involved in Administration, such as the day to day running of the office, coordinating emails, supporting all communication processes and inducting new volunteers.

Nathan says one thing that has really helped him in his professional development at TFMP is the support he has received from senior staff members. He has benefited from support from our Chief Executive, Estella Edwards, to support his time management, personal development, and business coaching and income strategy. He has also had training from the Treasurer of our Board, Jed Eatough, an accountant from the organisation Accountancy 4 Growth. Here Nathan has learned about bookkeeping, online financial transactions, petty cash procedures and how to understand PAYE, NI and tax systems. He says:

The support from Estella has enabled me to develop a successful approach to my work-life balance. Time management has made me more effective within my work environment but also at home.

The support from Jed has enabled me to set up TFMP accounts to the highest standard, compliant to all rules and regulations of accountancy. The knowledge I have gained can be transferred to my Self-Employment which I am in the process of doing. It has also helped me look at my day-to-day personal finances.”

At TFMP, we believe this kind of support from people with experience such as professionals is vital in passing on knowledge to other staff. Nathan says:

It is very important for people to have this kind of support, due to all the business rules and regulations you need to comply with – no matter what company you are setting up. Without this knowledge, I would not be aware how to set up PAYE systems, how to work out NI and Tax of employees, when to pay tax for the company, filing of accounts and so on. Not knowing would lead to a lot charges, default and even bankruptcy in some cases.”

When you consider that the organisation might not even exist without the proper training of individuals to ensure all procedures are correctly carried out, it’s fair to say that this sort of training is vital to TFMP. We will be continuing with all our training and mentoring programmes, and wish Nathan every success in his continued development. (Estella Edwards TFMP Chief Executive)

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