Why did you decide to volunteer with TFMP and what were you hoping to get out of it?

It sounded like a really interesting concept, I enjoy giving back to my community and this seemed like an exciting and innovative opportunity to do so. As a volunteer I hope to gain more experience within the business environment and to develop my creative, communication and teamwork skills.

What is your role within TFMP and what are some of your typical duties?

My role is very varied I essentially support the marketing team creating videos, posters and written products that promote TFMP. I am also being trained as a mentor for the Youth Rehearsal Project.

What do you feel you have learned/gained from volunteering and how will it help you in the long term?

Even though I have only been volunteering at TFMP for a short while, I have already learnt lots about the infrastructure of social enterprises, my knowledge of business – particularly funding – has increased significantly. I have been given lots of opportunities to develop myself and to develop my communication skills within this sector. I am looking forward to learning more as each day on my internship goes by.

What advice, if any, do you have for prospective volunteers?

Just do it. There are bags of opportunities for you to get involved in all aspects of the running of TFMP. The team is great and everyone offers you loads of support and advice, particularly Estella who is probably the most supportive and encouraging boss I’ve ever worked with!!

Any other comments?

Get involved!!!

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